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created 2001 · complexity intermediate · version 7.0

After executing :make or :grep you can browse the list of errors/matches, and the appropriate source code locations, with commands like :cnext. :help quickfix

This tip folds away lines in the current buffer that have no errors (when using :make), or that do not match the search pattern (when using :grep). See here to fold lines in the quickfix list.

Fold away misses

The following script can be used to fold away lines with no errors/matches.


  • Create file ~/.vim/plugin/foldmisses.vim (Unix) or $HOME/vimfiles/plugin/foldmisses.vim (Windows) containing the script below, then restart Vim.
  • Edit a file.
  • Enter a command like :vimgrep /regexp/ % to get a quickfix list.
  • Enter :FoldMisses to fold away lines in the current buffer that are not in the quickfix list.
  • Enter :FoldLMisses to fold away lines in the current buffer that are not in the buffer's location list.
  • Optional: :1FoldMisses will give 1 extra context line (fewer lines folded). You can set a default via let g:foldmisses_context = 1
  • As normal, za toggles a fold, and zR opens all folds.
if ! exists('g:foldmisses_context')
  let g:foldmisses_context = 0

" Add manual fold from line1 to line2, inclusive.
function! s:Fold(line1, line2)
  if a:line1 < a:line2
    execute a:line1.','.a:line2.'fold'

" Return list of line numbers for current buffer found in quickfix list.
function! s:GetHitLineNumbers(list)
  let result = []
  for d in a:list
    if d.valid && d.bufnr == bufnr('')
      call add(result, d.lnum)
  return result

function! s:FoldMisses(list, context)
  setlocal foldmethod=manual
  normal! zE
  let extra = a:context == 99999 ? g:foldmisses_context : a:context
  let last = 0
  for lnum in s:GetHitLineNumbers(a:list)
    let start = last==0 ? 1 : last+1+extra
    call s:Fold(start, lnum-1-extra)
    let last = lnum
  call s:Fold(last+1+extra, line('$'))

":[N]FoldMisses [N]     Show only the lines (and surrounding [N] lines
":[N]FoldLMisses [N]    of context) in the current buffer that appear
"                       in the quickfix / location list.
"                       Missed, error-free lines are folded away.
command! -bar -count=99999 FoldMisses call s:FoldMisses(getqflist(), <count>)
command! -bar -count=99999 FoldLMisses call s:FoldMisses(getloclist(0), <count>)