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created March 30, 2006 · complexity intermediate · author do1 · version 6.0

Can be useful for programmers who dig in alien code. Sorta like simplier cscope alternative. Put in ~/.bashrc this bash aliases:

function f() {
  local i o m
  set -f
  test "$ffo" || ffo='! -iname tags'
  for i in "$@"; do
    case "$i" in
    c) ffo='-iname *.[chs]' ;;
    h) ffo='-iname *.[h]' ;;
    x) ffo='-iregex .*\.[chs][xp+]?[xp+]?' ;;
    p) ffo='-iname *.php*' ;;
    q) ffo='! -iname tags' ;;
    -*) o="$o $i" ;;
    *) m="$m $i" ;;
  test "$m" || return
  find . $ffo -type f -print0 \
  | xargs -0 grep --colour=always --binary-file=without-match -n $o "${m# }" \
  | tee ~/.ff~
  set +f

function v() {
  local cmd
  test -s ~/.ff~ || return
  if [ "$*" ]; then
    grep "$*" ~/.ff~ > ~/.ff- || return
    cmd="vim +`head -1 ~/.ff- | cut -d: -f2` `head -1 ~/.ff- | cut -d: -f1 | uniq`"
    history -s $cmd
    perl -pe 's/\033[^a-z]*[a-z]//g' ~/.ff~ > ~/.ff
    vim -q ~/.ff -c :cw5

alias vv='cat ~/.ff~'

Then when in source directory you do like:

~/vim63/src$ f ui_inchar_undo
./ui.c:73:ui_inchar_undo(s, len)
./proto/ ui_inchar_undo __ARGS((char_u *s, int len));
./os_unix.c:3854: ui_inchar_undo(ta_buf, ta_len);
~/vim63/src$ v

'v' will open Vim with all found matches in quickfix window. Then press 'CTRL-W o' if you want to hide file list. Or:

~/vim63/src$ v ARG

Will execute: 'vim +3 ./proto/' and put this command in bash history.

Any argument of 'f' command could be mode of search:

c - search in C files
h - search in C headers
x - search in C++ files
p - search in PHP files
q - search in text files (default).

Last used mode is remembered, so the next examples are equivalent 'f c' followed by 'f ui_get_shellsize', or just 'f c ui_get_shellsize', or 'f ui_get_shellsize c'.

Tested on GNU find 4.1.7, grep 2.5, bash 2.05a, vim 6.3.

For older grep remove '--colour=always' option from 'f' function or upgrade.


Frequently in /etc/profile for bash 'v' aliased to 'vdir' (by eval '/bin/dircolors -b'), which conflict later with out 'v' function. So in order to fix that append to .bashrc:

unalias v 2>/dev/null

And maybe more handy is to put default 'c' searching instead of 'q'. Because I am usually interested in C files, and only if not found then in all other.