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created April 23, 2003 · complexity basic · author Steven Spears · version 6.0

I recently added these mapping to speed up typing XSLT elements. I added these to my copy of the xmledit script.

imap <Leader>pi <?xml version="1.0" ?>^M
imap <Leader>ap <xsl:apply-templates/>
imap <Leader>ap`s <xsl:apply-templates select=""/>^[F"i
imap <Leader>ap`sm <xsl:apply-templates select="" mode=""/>^[3F"i
imap <Leader>at <xsl:attribute name="">^[F"i
imap <Leader>el <xsl:element name="">^[F"i
imap <Leader>if <xsl:if test="">>^[kf"a
imap <Leader>im <xsl:import href=""/>^[F"i
imap <Leader>in <xsl:include href=""/>^[F"i
imap <Leader>ou <xsl:output method=""/>^[F"i
imap <Leader>pa <xsl:param name=""/>^[F"i
imap <Leader>pa`ns <xsl:param name="" select=""/>^[3F"i
imap <Leader>st <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="[">>">>];
imap <Leader>te <xsl:template match="">>^[kf"a
imap <Leader>te`n <xsl:template name="">>^[kf"a
imap <Leader>te`mm <xsl:template match="" mode="">>^[kf"a
imap <Leader>va <xsl:value-of select=""/>^[F"i
imap <Leader>wi <xsl:with-param name=""/>^[F"i
imap <Leader>wi`ns <xsl:with-param name="" select=""/>^[3F"