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created October 3, 2001 · complexity basic · author Charles E. Campbell, Jr. · version 6.0

Having problems setting up your syntax highlighting because everything is coming up in bold?

You're probably using an 8 color xterm and setting up highlighting lines such as hi Normal ... ctermfg=green . The solution: use numbers! 0=black, 1=red, 2=green, 3=yellow, 4=blue, 5=magenta, 6=cyan, and 7=white. Vim tries to use "bright" colors when its given names (because Windoz machines prefer to use dim text unless its been made bold).

Read more about it at :help highlight-ctermfg.


This works ok, but a more portable (and more predictable) way is to use the dark color names. i.e. use DarkBlue instead of Blue, Gray instead of White, etc. See :help cterm-colors.

If you are using a recent xterm try putting this in your .vimrc:

if &term =~ "xterm"
  " don't do this if you have 8-color xterms
  set term=xterm-16color

And you will get the non-bolded versions of those colors (which means you have 16 colors to work with).

How many colors does my xterm support? Edit

You can find out how many colors your xterm has by running

strings `which xterm` | grep color[0-9]

(and maybe sort it someway). The highest value plus one is the number of colors you have. So, if you find that this is 256, then set

set term=xterm-256color


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