It seems that I can't get the last example of this tip to work. Using

:set noet sts=0 sw=4 ts=4
:set cindent
:set cinoptions=(0,u0,U0

:RetabIndent always gives me (1):

int f(int x,
|---  int y) {
|---return g(x,
|---|---|--- y);

instead of (2):

int f(int x,
      int y) {
|---return g(x,
|---         y);

Anybody got an idea what's going wrong? --May 7, 2012

I tweaked your above comment, mainly to fix the |--- to show three tabs in the "y);" line in (1). I do not use the Smart Tabs plugin, but just tried it. I confirm that when you type in the text above, you get result (2), but using :RetabIndent changes it to (1). I do not think any of the comments at Script:231 are relevant, and it is unlikely someone will provide a solution here. I suggest you raise this at the vim_use mailing list (see here) with a paraphrase of the above. I did not try to work out what :RetabIndent is supposed to do, but perhaps it is broken by design (that is, perhaps it is intended to change leading indents, but fails to preserve what the plugin regards as correct indentation)? JohnBeckett 04:04, May 8, 2012 (UTC)