Use this template in a Category definition to display standard text describing the category.


  1. {{CatInfo|text=text|parent=parent_category}}
  2. {{CatInfo|text=text|parent=parent_category|help=help_tag}}
  3. {{CatInfo|text=text|extra=extra_text|parent=parent_category|help=help_tag}}

A category page using CatInfo will display the line:

This category is for tips about text.

If extra is specified, another line showing extra_text will be displayed.

If help is specified, a References section will be displayed, with a link to help_tag.


  • {{CatInfo|text=searching|parent=Usage|help=search-commands}}

See Category:Searching

  • The following example shows how to type a long CatInfo. Note that there is no period ('.') after text, but there is a period after extra_text.
{{CatInfo|text=file formats (how end-of-line is represented)|
extra=EOL (end-of-line) may be LF (unix), or CR LF (dos), or CR (mac).|

See Category:Fileformat

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