Obsolete tip

This tip has been merged into another tip.
See [[VimTip{{{1}}}]] for the current tip.

Please do not edit this tip, and do not edit the discussion page.
If anything needs to be improved, please fix [[VimTip{{{1}}}]].

Use this template on a tip that has been merged into another tip.


To merge two similar tips, copy useful information from the second tip into the first.

Then include {{Merged|number}} near the top of the second (obsolete) tip.

If you were merging tip 5 into tip 1, you would put {{Merged|1}} at the top of tip 5. That automatically adds {{Delete}} to tip 5, flagging it as a candidate for deletion.

It is normally preferable to merge to the tip with the smallest id (tip number) on the principle that we should keep the first tip that covered a particular topic. For example, we would merge tip 5 to tip 1, then delete tip 5.

If necessary, you can specify the title of the page holding the merged content using {{Merged|title=Page title}} instead of providing the tip id.

See the merge guidelines.

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