This is Template:Removed with its documentation.

Use this to replace the VimTipNumber redirection page of a tip that has been deleted.

However, current practice is that unwanted tips are generally replaced with a redirect to a another relevant tip.


The following is of historical interest only as it is unlikely this template will be needed on more pages because current practice when removing an old tip is to find another tip which covers similar material, and replace the removed tip with a redirect to its replacement.

Original procedure was:

  1. {{Removed|number}}
  2. {{Removed|number|info=info}}
  3. {{Removed|number|prev=prev|next=next}}
  4. {{Removed|number|info=info|prev=prev|next=next}}

For example, this was the procedure used to delete VimTip403:

  • In the tip, the following line was inserted at the top of the page:
  • Later, a sysop deleted the tip page.
  • The wikitext on the redirect page VimTip403 was replaced with:
{{Removed|403|info=The tip was a request for assistance.}}

This procedure means that tip navigation will work with a minimum of effort. For example, if you view VimTip402, you can click the Next Tip link. You then see that the next tip has been deleted. Also displayed are links to the original tip (so it can still be viewed), and navigation links to the previous and next tips.

The optional prev and next arguments can be specified as the id numbers of the previous and next tip (for tip navigation). A bot will be used to update prev and next, so you do not need to enter them.

A list of all redirect pages with {{Removed|number}} is at Category:Removed.

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