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created 2001 · complexity basic · author Alexey Marinichev · version 5.7

If you use gvim, you can transfer text from one instance of gvim into another using the + register.

For example, in one instance, yank two lines:


Paste it in another instance in normal mode:


or in insert mode:




In gvim, for the "copy to clipboard" command, Ctrl+C works just as well on highlighted text as "+y. This works for both text in the edit buffer and characters on the command line.

See also VimTip66 which works for gvim as well as vim.

Excellent tip, solved a headache of mine. As the first comment noted, one can, obviously, just copy to the clipboard as with any app. But suppose you don't want to lose the contents of the clipboard? Or you don't want inadvertently to paste material from a Vim session into some other app with a careless CTRL-V? Much better to segregate yanked stuff into registers. This makes working with multiple instances of gvim quite practical for me now.

:silent !ls -a| gvim -R -

Then heavy use of gf and I'm happily moving text around between gvim instances on separate monitors.