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created August 7, 2002 · complexity basic · author Davide Patti · version 6.0

To automatically open gvim to edit in kmail, "-f" command line option must be used.

In kmail configuration go to the composer settings, and write in the "use external editor" field the following command:

gvim -f %f

Without -f option gvim would work in background and editing would not have any effect on kmail.

To set the filetype automatically to mail:

gvim "+set ft=mail" -f %f


See also - integrating Vim in KDE. It looks really nice! (I'm not sure of exactly what is needed to get it running i KMail though - but look at those nice screenshots..)

-> kvim changed its name to yzis, so have a look at

This tip is basically true for every mua that allows integration of external editors, e.g. mutt

Yes it works also with kvim (which is the KDE way). Just put "kvim -f %f" and you're done, when you start typing, it fires up kvim, when leave with :x you get back to kmail kinda like when you use vim with pine.