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About meEdit

My parents call me Jeremy, which I sometimes write as Jeremy S Barton. There's no period after the S in the way that I write it, even though it is a middle initial. I blame Scantron.

I'm a Software Design Engineer, which is really fun except for those times when it isn't. But having a job where you can have the ability to work from home is nice, I highly recommend it. Of course, I also highly recommend a job as a waiter, or restaurant bartender, or any other job related to services I partake in, but for different reasons.

My history with VimEdit

Somewhere in the fall 2000 to fall 2001 timeline (as measured from the northern hemisphere) my roommate convinced me to install Linux on one of my machines, and when I asked him how to edit a file he told me to type vi <filename> (which was actually Vim, of course, I'm always sad when vi is vi, and not vim). I think it took me about 45 seconds to like command mode, and it's been my principal editor since.

My Vim expertiseEdit

  • Regular Expressions (most often used commands: /, ?, and %s)
  • Recently some more things around the filetype plugin and filetype.vim.
  • Other things that as I'm using them I may decide to search up stuff on here and document or clean up.

What I'm likely to try to search and destroyEdit

By destroy, of course, I mean "normalize and clean up".

  • Win32 stuff
    • Where did all this stuff about local security policy come from?
    • The myth that Vim doesn't understand ~ on Windows. :help $HOME
  • Runtime Path
    • Right now the best reference is probably filetype.vim, but it explains it in a filetype-centric way.
    • The vast number of places people add/modify files in $VIMRUNTIME instead of $VIM/vimfiles. It looks really bad to have a tip referencing vim52. Plus, when they use a specific path it feels less considerate to users of other platforms.
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