Vim Tips Wiki

I'm John Beckett – a user of many strange editors over the years. Vim is likely to provide all I need for future editing!

I occasionally contribute in the vim and vim-dev mailing lists where I am a manager (in order to combat spam, the first message posted by each new user has to be approved by a manager).

Feel free to contact me by editing the discussion page. I am a sysop of the Vim Tips wiki, and you are welcome to ask any questions about this wiki, or the mailing lists, or to discuss proposals.

Let's pool our ignorance.


The following may be of interest.


I have written a bot to manipulate pages. It runs manually under the JohnBot account.

The help template and script overview has information on the template used to create links to the Vim online documentation.

The titles project overview describes how 578 tips were renamed – see the discussion in the vim-l mailing list archive.

The tip templates project describes what was a proposal for changing the template used to introduce a tip. The proposal was discussed in this thread at vim-l, and has now been implemented. A script has migrated the template, and I have manually edited all the imported tips (1 to 1504 – about 1220 actual tips).

The proposed Main Page contains a proposal that was used to replace the Main Page.

My old todo list (obsolete since I now use a local "todo" file instead).