Vim Tips Wiki

This is the user account for a bot (a program to make bulk changes to the Vim Tips wiki).

The bot runs Python scripts using pywikipedia – the Python Wikipediabot Framework.

The bot is only run with manual assistance (it is not scheduled for automatic operation).

The bot is used to upload pages which have been manually updated.

First, pages are read from the wiki to local files. Certain types of errors are identified during this process.

The local files are updated with manual editing and/or scripts.

The script to upload pages performs these steps:

  • Changed files are identified.
  • When changed locally, the wiki page is read again, and compared with the original file previously downloaded.
  • If the wiki page is unchanged, the new wikitext is uploaded from the updated file.
  • Otherwise, the problem is reported and no action is taken.

The maintainer is JohnBeckett.

To discuss any issues, please leave a message on the JohnBot talk page.