My main contribution to the Vim community is (a highly rated) LaTeX filetype plugin: Automatic LaTeX plugin.

There is also my small hack to use system() function as ":! ". If you prefer to stay inside vim while executing external programs within vim (vim is not gvim ;) and you don't mind to loose ability of using the special expression register @= (rarely used, unless you are a vimgolfer) then this script#4224 is just for you!

My other pluginsEdit

I also wrote these plugins:

  • FTPDEV for plugin developers (with some nice features when you are developing a large plugin with many files)
  • bls this is Python script run in a terminal (for *nix systems) to list open buffers in all running vim servers
  • MapFinder find maps with vim regular expressions matching left/right side of a map. Useful when you are using one of those plugins that define lots of maps like Automatic LaTeX plugin (which has build in special version of this plugin) or Vim-Latex.
  • grsecurity if you use hardened Linux kernel with grsecurity patch this plugin helps to write the rules.


I also wrote an accepted :) patch for Vim 7.3.468 which added new commands to QuickFixCmdPre and QuickFixCmdPost. It is used by by Automatic LaTeX plugin to rewrite the LaTeX log file in Vim readable format (giving more info than the -file-line-error swith of latex command)

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