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Maybe someday I'll make this a more "proper" user page. In the meantime, you may go to my personal site.

Oh, and BTW, when I started using Vim regularly it was at version 6.1, but I don't believe that Vim expertise should be measured in years, or in number of successive versions for that matter: people learn at different rates, and (for better or worse — I think it's for the better but you mightn't agree) in Vim there is a lot that can be learnt.

I've been uploading a few scripts as subpages of this one:

I'm also the author of a few keymaps:

The latter two include a lot of dead-key combos, they may or may not suit you. The former one might benefit from being merged with the "Accents" keymap, except that this one is not compatible with Latin1 (it requires Latin3 aka ISO_8859-3 or Unicode-compatible encodings such as UTF-8, UCS-2 (be or le), UTF-16 (be or le), UTF-32 (be or le), GB18030, ...).

Why the h*** can't this site f***ing leave my settings well enough alone? If I can't get a CologneBlue skin, I'll settle for Monobook, OK? And any logged-in user can change skin and other preferences by going to Special:Preferences, a link present at the top of every Monobook page but which for the love of me I can't find in that sh***y Monaco. — Tonymec 21:55, September 16, 2010 (UTC)