About me[edit | edit source]

I am a long time Vim Tip user but not a good contributing. I am trying to mend my evil ways! So I am currently working through Category:Review to review older tips. My plan is to review, fix, and most importantly categorize as many tips as possible. The reason to categorize is so that in the future tips can be merged in a specific category. At this point the list is so large and so little data is known about it that merging is difficult. You can watch the progress of Tips being removed from the category below. Feel free to help out!

Week Start Amount Current Amount Total Cleaned
January 2-8, 2011 715 699 16
January 9-15, 2011 699 686 13
Totals: 29
  • Note: Not all reviews have been completed by me. This is a list to keep track of all progress on reviews.
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