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created 2001 · complexity intermediate · author Steve Litt · version 6.0

With the addition of folding, Vim6 can function as a high performance outline processor. Simply :set ai and in insert mode use backspace to promote and tab to demote headlines.

In command mode, << promotes (n<< to promote multiple lines), and >> demotes. Also, highlight several headlines and < or > to promote or demote.

:set foldmethod=indent and then your z commands can expand or collapse headline trees, filewide or by the tree.

VimOutliner[edit | edit source]

The VimOutliner GPL distro contains the scripts and configs to easily configure Vim6 as an outliner, including scripts to create tag files enabling interoutline hyperlinking.

Comments[edit | edit source]

If you're interested in outlining in Vim, you should also check out my TVO (The Vim Outliner) plugin.

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