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created 2003 · complexity basic · author Stanislav Sitar · version 5.7

See proposal below to replace this with a redirect.

The question of using Vim for writing email messages with Vim on windows was raised many times.

Finally there is an elegant solution. At download sylpheed-0.9.6claws.exe and install.

Go to menu configuration -> Common preferences

Go to tab Other and fill something like

c:\Progra~1\Vim\vim62b\gvim.exe -f "%s"

(depending on where your Vim is installed) as the the editor option

The -f option is very important so Vim does not fork.

You might also go to Compose tab and select Automatically launch an external editor.


Are you sure about the "-f" flag ? So far, I've never seen this flag do anything under Windows. That's why I use mutt compiled for cygwin with the win32 version of Vim.

You wrote "Finally there is an elegant solution", but there are many solutions: at random Mahogany (excellent one) or pine (great, ever great) or use Google.

Let me get this right - you want me to switch to a whole new email client just so that I can change its default editor to something else. Not just Vim - *anything*. How is this a Vim tip, exactly??

PC-Pine offers an external-editor-feature too.

Look at script#1052 -- it can send, receive and organize emails from within Vim on Windows and Unix (but requires not only Vim with embedded Perl but also external Perl).

See VimTip805 for a general solution for Windows.

I propose replacing this page with a redirect to tip 805: Use gvim as an external editor for Windows apps. There is nothing useful here. Any comments? (I'm putting this in to see if that reminds me to find this later.) JohnBeckett 09:11, August 20, 2011 (UTC)