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created 2003 · complexity basic · author Manas Behera · version 5.7

You can see the man pages of anything you want from Vim. No need to exit Vim. Just put the cursor on the word and press K and you will be in the man page section. when you are through just press 'q' and you will be out of Vim. Press enter to come back to Vim.

See also Using vim as a man-page viewer under Unix.


You can call runtime ftplugin/man.vim (distributed with Vim) to enable Vim built-in manpage viewer, with ability of hyperlinking via the tags mechanism.

:Man <your favourite man page>

A lot better (but a little slower) than the Shift+K.

If you would like this to be the default behavior for K, add the following line to your .vimrc:

set keywordprg=:Man

Note: If you want to use Vim when opening man pages from the command line, check out "Vim SuperMan".

It's a simple wrapper around the :Man function that gives you access when you don't already have Vim open.

You can also just pipe a man page to vim's STDIN using "man <something> | vim -" from bash. Next, :set syntax=man