Vim Tips Wiki

Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2011 for Vim.

Improve Plugin Debugging[]

The ability to watchpoint expression(s). For those who don't know gdb, that means: if the expression changes value, stop executing the plugin at that point.


Differentiate b/w <CR> and <C-M>[]

Make vim able to differentiate between <CR> and <C-m> and make it possible to map something like <C-Tab> at least in GUI.

VimL improvement[]

Improve VimL a little bit (maybe adding closures, improving stack traces, ..) Also make it easier to bind ruby, python, .. code to mappings directly.

Native Curl Support[]

Maybe add native curl support so that vim-addon-manager can be installed without much user interaction on Windows (without having to pull curl or the like first ..)

Improving the signs implementation[]

Different scripts can use same sign id by accident. So this is a design flaw. Also, signs which don't move if you add lines. (Eg for breakpoints when using php xdebug ...) Maybe one can get this done using events as well but its less optimal. redesign[]

To do.

Mouse Support for Pmenu[]

As the topic says: add mouse support to Vim's Pmenu.