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The Vim Tips wiki is a collaborative workspace where Vim editor users can add their favorite commands, macros and other assorted tips to a common database. While the Vim distribution comes with a rich set of documentation it is often hard to find a place to start when trying to learn how to use the editor.


This wiki was created by importing the tips from (see Imported tips). The original Vim Tips web site was closed in February 2007 because it became too difficult to deal with spam, and the Vim mailing list was used to discuss the migration of the tips database to a wiki.

The discussions continued until June 2007 when Bastl decided to be bold – he set up MediaWiki software on a local computer, and wrote scripts to import the tips from html scraped from the web site (see the notes on the import).

There were many problems with the import, for example, some tips had titles with characters that are not allowed on the wiki, and many tips had characters in the text that caused problems with the template originally used to format tips. These, and other, problems were overcome by January 2008 using scripts developed by JohnBeckett that were used to massage the tips on this wiki. Several other contributors have done a lot of work cleaning up tips.

Archive of early discussions

Some of the mailing list discussions concerning the Vim Tips wiki project can be viewed below.


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