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In short

Do not use the discussion page for tips.

Examples and explanations

Do not use the discussion page (also known as the talk page) for Vim Tips.

If you think a tip has a problem, please add a note to the Comments section where everyone can see it (click "edit" in the right margin, on the "Comments" line). Some people are uneasy about the appearance of a tip, and don't like to write something like "This is not needed since version 7.0" in a comment. But that's exactly what you should do if you want to help readers and editors.

You might add text like the following examples:

  • TODO: Merge with [[VimTip5]]. ~~~~
  • I think we should delete the comments about "very nomagic". ~~~~
  • I think we should rename this tip to "Search for current word in multiple files". ~~~~

Include a signature in your comment: On the last line of your text, add a space then four tilde characters (" ~~~~"). You will see how this appears when you click "Preview".

You can use a line of four dashes (----) before your comment to separate it from earlier comments.

We use, and will keep, the discussion pages for articles that are not tips (user pages, categories, templates, policies). There are some exceptions (example), but generally we delete the discussion page for tips (after moving any useful content to the comments on the tip page) because dealing with two pages rather than one is unnecessarily hard.

We only want useful tips, so eventually all comments should be removed, after merging any useful information into the tip. Using a talk page potentially hides relevant information, and may require other people to edit two pages instead of just one.


Edit the talk page of any active user for meta discussion regarding the wiki.