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In short[]

Tips which cover the same material should be merged. Keep the first similar tip, and delete the others (after copying any useful material to the tip you are keeping).

Examples and explanations[]

Flag duplicate tips[]

Suppose you notice that tips 1 and 5 cover essentially the same material, but you're not currently able to take the time to merge the tips. In that case, you would flag each tip as being a Duplicate to alert readers that the tips need to be merged. That will also help someone reading one tip, because they will see that there is another tip covering similar material.

To flag the tips:

  • Edit tip 1 and insert {{Duplicate|5}} at the top.
  • Edit tip 5 and insert {{Duplicate|1}} at the top.

You can flag several tips as being duplicates – see Template:Duplicate. Each Duplicate tip will be listed in Category:Duplicate as a reminder that the tips need to be merged.

Merge duplicate tips[]

Suppose you want to merge tip 5 into tip 1:

  1. Copy any wanted material from tip 5 into tip 1.
  2. Put the following line at the top of tip 5:
  3. If tip 5 contains a {{Review}} line, delete it (so tip 5 is not listed in Category:Review as needing review).
  4. Remove {{Duplicate|1}} from tip 5 (so tip 5 is not listed in Category:Duplicate as needing merging).
  5. Similarly, remove {{Duplicate|5}} from tip 1.

The Merged template will advise anyone viewing tip 5 that they should be reading tip 1 instead. It also flags tip 5 for deletion.

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