Vim Tips Wiki

Use this page to view new tips, or to discuss the fate of proposed new tips.

Use this link if you want to create a new tip.

Every few weeks we manually collect a list of the new tips that have been created. Those tips are then discussed, and we decide whether a proposed new tip should be made a permanent tip with a tip id (possibly after some fixing), or whether the tip needs major work or should be merged with an existing tip, or whether the tip should be deleted because the material duplicates other work, or is in some other way unhelpful.

There are many defective old tips (please help to fix them!). That makes us keen to only accept new tips when they are complete and helpful, and do not duplicate material that would be better covered in one of the existing tips.

Lists of new tips

New tips that need to be discussed.

Listing other pages

You can use special pages to list new or all pages.

Both new and all pages allow you to choose the namespace. (Main) means there is no special prefix to the title – this is used for all tips. User refers to pages with prefix User: (each page is created by a user to introduce themselves), and User talk refers to the User_talk: pages associated with each user.

Using new or all pages is also useful for listing templates and categories.