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There are very few policies which apply across all Wikia – see Wikia:Category:Policy.

Policies in the Vim Tips wiki are decided by the wiki community. We have suggested guidelines rather than rules. Each policy page has [[Category:Policy]] at the bottom, so they are listed in the policy category.

The simplified ruleset from Wikipedia is worth reading!

General guidelines for the Vim Tips wiki[]

This page is the starting point for people asking how to do it right. We are thinking of three groups of users:

  1. Readers that find typos or want to add a comment, should just be bold. Content is more important than form, so if you want to contribute, please click edit and write your stuff.
  2. Contributors of new tips should get along with just the Golden Rules. Contributors are encouraged to get an account to watch their pages.
  3. Editors that review and repair tips should get acquainted with the more detailed guidelines below. Editors are encouraged to get an account and join the mailing list.

Guidelines for editors[]

Most of the tips were imported from a database on Some tips have low quality, or are outdated, or misformatted etc. So we need a lot of help to enhance them. Tips that need help can be found in Category:Review. Please see the more detailed Vim Tip Guidelines in the list at the top of this page.

We encourage contributors and editors to get an account and to create a user page. See the Log in or Create an account links at the top of any page. Having an account allows other people to contact you by editing your talk (discussion) page. That can be useful to exchange information about the best procedures for editing tips.

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