Vim Tips Wiki

Please report any spam that you notice on the wiki.

If you see a junk comment in a tip, you might just edit the tip and remove the comment. An easy way to do that is to view the History page for the tip, then click undo next to the edit that you want to remove.

However, if you notice a new page containing spam (anything not related to the Vim Tips wiki), please report the page so staff can deal with the situation. Wikia staff will check whether similar spam has been posted on other wikis.

Note that even a page saying "Hello everyone!" is spam. It may be someone trying a spam system, or checking whether we react to junk pages.

There is no need to edit the spam page. It's easiest to leave the spam so staff can easily see it. However, if no action is taken for several hours, you could edit the spam page – just delete everything and insert text "Spam removed".

To report spam[]

  • Open the reporting spam page (try Shift-Click on this link to open in a new window).
  • Scroll to the bottom and see if the spam has been reported.
  • If not reported, click "Leave message" at the top of the page.

In the Subject/headline box, enter a title. It is common to put the name shown on the spam page here. Or, if the name is long or offensive, you can just type a few words.

In the comment box, paste the URL of the spam page and add "Spam on the Vim Tips wiki". If you know how to do it, it would be useful to add "posted by xxx" (replace xxx by the IP address or the user name shown as having created the spam page).

If you are logged on, you might add ~~~~ to sign the comment.

Click Show Preview to see how the report will appear. When satisfied, click "Save page".