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Template overview[]

A template is a page that is intended to be included in another page. For example, the Help template allows you to create a link to the Vim online documentation. On a tip page, you could enter {{help|pattern}} and the Help template would be included, with parameter pattern. The result looks like this :help pattern.

This section briefly describes some of the templates that are useful when editing a Vim tip page. Details of template operation can be seen at m:Help:Template.

Useful templates[]

You can list all the Vim templates by visiting Special pages and clicking All pages. Then set Namespace to Template and click Go. Some commonly-used templates are listed below.

Template Purpose
! Insert a pipe (|) character in a template parameter.
CatInfo Describe a category.
Help Create a link to Vim online documentation.
Script Create a link to a Vim script on
Review Flag a tip that needs to be reviewed.
Deprecated Flag a tip as deprecated (obsolete).
Dodgy Flag a tip as requiring significant rewording.
Duplicate Flag a tip as a duplicate (needs to be merged with another tip).
Merged Flag a tip that has been merged into another tip.
Delete Flag a tip for deletion (recommend delete).
Removed Flag the redirect page of a deleted tip.

Flagging a tip[]

The flag templates display a prominent message box notifying readers that the tip has been flagged. Review means that the tip has not been fully assessed – we haven't decided what needs to be done with the tip. Deprecated means the tip is not desirable for the current version of Vim, or is not a recommended procedure. However, a Deprecated tip will be retained pending further deliberation.

We are not ready to delete a Dodgy tip, but readers are warned that the tip may only be worthwhile after significant rewording has occurred.

More than one tip may cover essentially the same material. Each of these tips should be flagged as a Duplicate – the tips should be merged. After one tip has been merged into another, the redundant tip is flagged as Merged to warn readers that they should be reading the other tip (the result of the merge). After review, the Merged tip will be deleted.

A tip can be flagged as Delete to recommend deletion of the tip. After review, the tip will either be deleted or improved. When a tip has been deleted, any redirect page pointing to the tip needs to be updated using the Removed template.

Referencing Vim Help[]

Suppose you want to refer to a simple Vim help topic like pattern. Put the following wikitext in the tip:


Some punctuation (= < > [ ] and more) requires special treatment. See Template:Help for the details.