Sometimes there are two or more tips which address the same problem, but with different solutions. It may be useful to readers if the tips were marked as "Similar to Tip nnn". But marking as "Duplicate" might not be appropriate, if the solutions the tips provide are different, and may be useful to different users.

So I am suggesting we need another tag, similar to "Duplicate", but which means "Other Solutions to This Same Problem". Or maybe the policy in such situations should be to merge all the tips into a page "Various Solutions for Problem XXX".

While your idea has some merit, I can't work up any enthusiasm for more trickiness at the moment. For similar tips, just add a link in 'See also' (perhaps with some brief explanatory text, for example VimTip12 or VimTip1). I've created a roughly prioritised list of "to do" items that you can see by clicking "To do" in the left sidebar. I don't think we should bother optimising stuff until the tips are generally in better shape.
By the way, while you are welcome to stay an IP address, bear in mind that registering an account and logging on means adverts are not displayed. Wikia have never sent me any email I didn't ask for. JohnBeckett 08:48, 14 June 2009 (UTC)
Ah, 'See also' sounds like a good solution.
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