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created 2006 · complexity basic · author setog · version n/a

I try to learn ocaml, and I add this lines in my vimrc to run the code in the ocaml interpreter:

set sb
map <F11> :split /tmp/ocaml \| %d \|setlocal ft=omlet \| setlocal autowrite \| r!ocaml < # <CR>
map <F12> :dr /tmp/ocaml \| %d \|setlocal ft=omlet \|setlocal autowrite \| r!ocaml < # <CR>

The first map (F11) open a temp file in a split and write the output in it (with omlet syntax).

I use the second (F12) to do it if I have already a split with the result.

I do a set autowrite, but I am sure we can use the same property of :he command (a buffer in read only without needing to save it).