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Featured scripts

Here are some Vim scripts (plugins) that may help your editing!

Proposal: Put link to script + few-line description.

Need a link to a page giving a general overview of scripts/plugins.

Start by listing the scripts mentioned in the following (useful scripts should be listed here regardless of whether a tip also describes the script, although if all useful content from a tip is moved to here, then the tip can be deleted):

Old information

This section includes some information on scripts that may assist users of old versions of Vim.

Spell checking for Vim prior to version 7

Spell checking is built-in to Vim since version 7.0. For earlier versions, you can find scripts for English spell checking, as well as for other languages, at:

Corrections to scripts

We do not want corrections to scripts on the Vim Tips wiki (such information cannot be verified with reasonable effort, and is valid only for specific versions and for a limited time). Instead, please notify the script maintainer so any problems can be rectified, or post to the vim-dev mailing list. The following list contains some information that may be useful, but we will delete it later.

  • In script#168, there is an error in file ide.vim line 600 which is return ret; (omit the ';' to fix).

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