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Information on scripts that help when working with Vim:

Recent changes at Vim Scripts[]

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Scripts on this wiki[]

Each script at has a link to a page on this wiki where the script can be discussed. See the script comment guidelines.

Tips that describe or document a script are generally not useful. There are well over 2000 scripts at and many more on other sites, so outlining a significant number of scripts in separate tips would not be helpful since the information could not easily be found. In addition, any documentation for a script on this wiki will become out of date as the script is updated. The best procedure is for all documentation to be packaged with the script, with just a link and a brief description here. Readers can then scan a list of many scripts and follow the link for those that are of interest.

For historical reasons, there are some old tips that do not comply with this advice (the tip is just a description of a script on another site); in due course such tips will probably be deleted. New tips, however, must provide useful information without relying on external content. We need this approach because there are already too many tips and that makes finding useful information difficult for readers, and makes maintenance hard for editors.

Anyone is welcome to add a script description to the featured tips list – just copy the format of another description and keep it brief.

See also[]

  • Add comments on the discussion page which includes information on scripts for old versions of Vim