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Tip: #834 - Word-wise cut, copy and paste

Created: December 15, 2004 18:55 Complexity: basic Author: andyf Version: 6.0 Karma: 2/8 Imported from: Tip#834

Word-wise cut, copy & paste over the current word. There's nothing special or magical about these bindings, just that I find them really useful for coding, and I thought I'd share.

Add the following lines to _vimrc:

map <A-v> viw"+gPb

map <A-c> viw"+y

map <A-x> viw"+x

These bindings follow the Windows-style keys of control-V, control-C, and control-X; except using alt instead of control. Adjust to your preference.


I think <ESC>yiw is more convenient

Anonymous , December 20, 2004 18:37

Thanks a lot. Exactly what I was searching for. (: , January 31, 2005 11:18